40 years of experience


1967 – The first metal sheet cutting and configuration machines (Bending machine and LVD guillotine shear) are placed by Efstratios Valavanis in Nea Smirni Attica.

1977 – Chrysostomos Valavanis takes over the company focusing on company development.

1990 – The company is moved into 300 sq m private facilities in Nea Smirni.

1997 – Equipment with, at that time, modern NC machinery.

2003 – Temporary move of the company into 800 sq m facilities in the industrial park of Kalivia.

2004 – Equipment with a bending machine (8 meter), produced by the German manufacturer Schröder. One of few in Greece.

2007 – Formation of VALAVANIS METAL after the sole proprietorship becomes a corporation, due to the new entrepreneur generation.

2008 – The opening of he own property facilities with more than 2.000 sq m in the industrial park of Keratea takes place and the company receivesEN ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management standards.

2009 – Equipment with laser cutting (Bystronic) and punching machines (Finnpower)

2013 – VALAVANIS METAL hires 20 employees and equips itself with the punching and shearing machine CNC PUNCHING (Shear Genius 8, Finnpower), unique of its kind by the standards of Greece.


VALAVANIS METAL at international EXPOs