VALAVANIS METAL leads in the metal processing sector, due to the tradition of the company in this sector and the constant investment in high tech bending machines.

The company is equipped solely with the most reliable machines from well- recognized manufacturers, in order to ensure high quality results.

The company´s broad range of metal processing machines, allows the processing of different materials with great thickness and length.


The forming of the parts is conducted by bending machines, which are equipped with a graphic representation of the bending operations (SCHROEDER bending simulation) and simplify the production from the first part on, without time consuming trials.




In addition, the unfolding is calculated automatically with the highest accuracy. Therefore, only the relevant data has to be entered into the machine software (kind of used tool, thickness, quality of material, etc.)

The automatic axis movement of the 5 axes (DARLEY) makes complex bending operation even easier.



Worth mentioning is our top model press brake (SAFAN), which comes with servo-hydraulic mode and allows double speed production compared to other common hydraulic machines.



The company is equipped with 5 bending machines and is able to produce special constructions and constructions of high production runs. Our machines have the following features:


Forming – with length to 8 m and thickness to 3 mm

SCHROEDER – Bending machine CNC


Forming with length to 3m and thickness to 6 mm

DARLEY - Press break CNC


Forming with length to 2,5 m and thickness to 6 mm

SAFAN – Servo- hydraulic press break


Forming with length to 3,6 m and thickness to 10 mm

HACO – Press brake NC


Forming with length to 3 m and thickness to 10 mm

LVD – Press brake NC